5 Green Cleaning Products Everyone Should Know About

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Do you struggle with cleaning? Don’t even know where to start? Are you concerned about the harm that harsh chemicals might be doing to you and your family? Here are five green cleaning products that will make anyone a domestic deity. They’ll save you money, keep you from breathing in toxic chemicals, and the environment will love you for it.

1. The Oven

What you need: Bicarb, white vinegar and pantyhose or sponge

Remove the racks and grill plate (and the element if your oven lets you). Sprinkle the surface with bicarb, and pour a little vinegar over it. As it starts to fizz, use some pantyhose or a sponge to scrub. For stubborn stains, you may need to repeat this process. Rinse with water when you’re finished.

It’s important not to use anything abrasive to scrub the oven, as this may scratch the glass or remove the enamel.

2. The Mould

What you need: oil of cloves, water, spray bottle

In a 1-litre spray bottle, put ¼ of a teaspoon of oil of cloves. Lightly spray it over the mould and leave it to dry. That’s it!

3. The Shower Screens

What you need: Bicarb, white vinegar and cloth

Shower screens are notoriously challenging to get sparkling. But there’s no need for harsh chemicals to feel great about how clear those screens look. The buildup of soap scum can be removed by white vinegar and bicarb. Use a cloth, rather than anything abrasive as this can scratch the glass of the shower screen.

4. The Red Wine Stain

What you need: Bicarb, vacuum, paper towel, white vinegar, old toothbrush

If it’s a new spill, place paper towel on top to soak up the wine. Cover the stain with bicarb and leave it for a few seconds to dry. Vacuum. Re-sprinkle with a little more bicarb, and add a little vinegar (careful not to apply too much). Scrub with a toothbrush, and then leave it to dry, then vacuum again.

For old red wine stains, put some vinegar on a cloth and dab the stain. If the stain doesn’t look like it’s going to come out, try using a little methylated spirits on a cloth. Test it out a bit at a time; as you don’t want to create a new stain by over-doing it with the spirits!

5. The Persistent Smell

What you need: Bicarb, vanilla essence

Place two tablespoons of bicarb on a small plate, and on another small plate vanilla essence. This will absorb and replace any bad smells. This is great for fridges, microwaves, and cupboards. For dishwashers, you can put bicarb in the detergent holder, and white vinegar in the rinse aid and put on a rinse cycle. Wiping the edges of the dishwasher with vanilla essence will also help.

Well, there you have it, five green cleaning products that everyone should know about.

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