Mobile Storage - The Perfect
"DIY" Storage Solution

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The storage industry has drastically changed over last decade, with more and more tenants choosing to use mobile storage solutions instead of traditional self-storage units in Sydney. The convenience of not having to hire a moving truck or removalists have led thousands of Sydneysiders to try a new way to store their personal belongings while they’re on the move. If you don’t want the hassle of transporting all your belongings to a storage unit, read on to find out why mobile self-storage might be the perfect “DIY” storage solution for you.

Storage That Comes to You

If you’re new to the mobile storage industry, here’s the gist of how the system works.

Companies will deliver a box, container, or pod to your property. After packing all your items, the load is collected and taken to a storage facility. In most cases, when you’re ready to recollect your belongings, the company can provide re-delivery service to your new property.

The Benefits of Mobile Storage

There are many benefits when it comes to mobile storage compared to its traditional counterpart.

  • No Removalists – With storage coming directly to your home, you’ll only need to focus on packing, ditching the need to hire a moving truck or removalists.
  • No Loading or Unloading – You’ll no longer need to load or unload any trucks or play Tetris with cardboard boxes in your storage unit.
  • Modular Design – Every container is designed the same making it easy to pack for your move. You’ll also have a range of different sized containers to choose from, making it a flexible storage system.
  • Safe and Secure – Containers are robustly built to be used over several years compared to cardboard boxes that deteriorate over time. Companies will also offer insurance as an extra precaution for your belongings.
  • Accessible – Many companies will offer access to your belongings during trading hours, some even going as far as to provide 24/7 service.
  • Flexible Schedule – With storage containers brought directly to your home; you can take as much time as needed to pack your belongings.

Finding the Right Storage Company

When it comes to finding the right mobile storage company in Sydney, there are more than a few competitors to choose from, each with their own merits. We spoke to the storage professionals at Holloway Storage Sydney to get their advice.

Your belongings are often very personal and sentimental. That’s why when you keep them in storage, you’ll want to make sure that they’re safeguarded as best they can be. When choosing a storage company, make sure that the warehouse isn’t rented from a third-party, whether they offer surveillance around the clock, and if there are any other extra security measures in place like keypad access, and deadbolt locks. All of these measures matter, especially if you’re planning to store long term.
Holloway Storage Sydney

Well, there you have it, why mobile storage makes for the perfect “DIY” storage solution. If you’re looking for resources in regards to storage or moving, check out Why Storage Units Are Perfect for Your Next Move or our Ultimate Moving House Checklist.

Use code NEWYEAR15 for 15% off your end of lease clean.
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