Why Self Storage Units
Are Perfect for Your Next Move

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Removalists or bond cleaners are usually the first services that come to mind when hiring professionals for the big move, but self storage units are fast becoming a solution to many relocation problems. If you’re still on the fence about using a self storage unit, here are some great reasons that will make you want to reconsider.

Helps You Decide What’s Really Important

It’s called storage for a reason and whether you’ve sold your home or your lease is just about to expire, it’s likely that you’ll have accumulated your share of nick-nacks over the years. There are more than several reasons to live a minimalist lifestyle, from the practicalness of decluttering to the spirituality of being mindful, moving is the perfect time to reassess the importance of the items you’ve collected in your life.

Consider giving your belongings a new lease on life by donating them to a local Vinnies or Salvos.

Stores Furniture While you Remodel or Renovate

You’ve paid the down payment, and your first mortgage payment is due, but for many homeowners that doesn’t mean you’ll be moving in just yet. Self-storage units offer homeowners the perfect solution to place furniture in a safe and secure location while remodelling or renovating their new homes. Depending on the type of remodelling, upgrades could take a few weeks to a few months and storage units can be a lifesaver during the transition.

You Can Rely on Professional Storage Consultants

You can always rely on trained consultants working at self-storage facilities as they are always available to help you with any enquiries you may have. Whether you need storage tips on how to place your belongings into a self storage unit, or you wish to use lifts, pallet jacks or moving trolleys, storage consultants are there for you.

Most storers, especially those who haven’t used self-storage services before, are not aware of little tricks and tips that can make their storage experience much easier. One of the common mistakes we observe is when customers do not keep fridge doors open which results in mould building up. Such little things can cause unnecessary troubles. My advice is if you are not sure of something, definitely speak to a storage consultant.
Nathan Fairlie – Metro Storage

Store Just A Box Or Your Entire Home

Most storage companies are flexible, offering a wide range of services for varying types of clientele. You’ll be able to choose to store just a few boxes in a storage locker or your entire home in a double garage. You’ll also have the flexibility of storing your belongings for any amount of time, choosing to extend your lease as circumstances change over time.

Declutter your Home For Staging

As we’ve discussed in “5 Easy Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home”, decluttering is a great way to help stage your property for sale. The overarching idea is that potential homeowners want to reimagine living areas in their own way and all your “stuff” makes it much harder for them to do this. From creating the illusion of more space in your photography to having actual room to walk through during open inspections, storing all your non-essential items into self-storage units is a practical solution for decluttering.

Access Your Belongings Whenever You Want

Lastly, just because your belongings are in storage doesn’t mean you won’t have access to them. Most storage companies will offer access during trading hours, but some even go as far as to offer 24/7 service. You’ll be provided with your own key and will be able to add or remove items as needed from your storage locker.

Moving is stressful for everyone involved but a storage unit can provide a great temporary solution to some of those problems. Consider one for your next big move.

Use code NEWYEAR15 for 15% off your end of lease clean.
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