How Small Business Branding
Builds Customer Loyalty

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We officially launched our bond cleaning business in 2016. While we’d like to believe our success has everything to do with the excellent service we provide, we can’t help but acknowledge that our small business branding has played a massive role in helping kick-start the company.

Branding for many is a matter of design: logos, typography, colours, etc.

For us, it encompasses so much more. It represents every single touch point that we have with our customers, each an opportunity to re-establish our professionalism, letting him/her know that we care about the details. In this article, we want to showcase how the small business branding established on our website, uniforms, and print material, helps build customer loyalty in the service we provide.

A Digital First Impression

Even though we’re just a “brick and mortar” business, we can’t deny that in 2018, we live in a digital world. The majority of our customers learn about our cleaning service from Google, and even before they reach our website, there’s a hint of our playful branding from the clever pun in our company name and URL. This is reiterated when they’re greeted by our two friendly mascot cleaners.

small business branding

Illustration also plays an integral part in our branding, helping to tell the story without too many words. We’ve used them across our website in describing our features, choosing a property in the quotation form, and even in our email confirmations. Branding also extends to our copy. Because we only specialise in bond cleans, it’s easy to be playful yet confident, with our tagline reading, “You move out, we clean up. The simplest way to get your bond back. Guaranteed.”

Dressed to Impress

Since most of our cleans are booked in advance, it can be a few weeks before we render our services. By then, our customers may have forgotten who we are which becomes an opportune time to reintroduce ourselves in person.

Polo Uniform Embroidery Branding


Leaving a Calling Card

After performing the exit cleans, we like to leave our customers and real estate agents with a little something to remember us by. For us, traditional print media (business cards and brochures) still plays a prominent role in networking with prospective clients.

Flat Design Business Card

Flat Design Brochure

As a small business, every little win matters and spending a little time on your branding can help build trust with your new customers.

Use code CUPID20 for 20% off your end of lease clean.
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