Where Do You Find
Cardboard Boxes for Moving?

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You’ve been super organised, and you’re now onto the packing stage of our moving checklist. But before you can even get started, there’s that age-old question that still needs to be answered, where do you find cardboard boxes for moving?

Depending on your needs, there are more than a few options when it comes to finding packing boxes for your big move. You’ll first need to decide on whether moving boxes fit into your budget, the type of material your boxes are made of (paper or plastic), or if you’re looking to try a moving box rental service.

We’ve done all the research for you, so read along as we show you where to find, buy, and source new and used boxes all across Australia. Before you know it, you’ll be done packing and can finally say, “Goodbye dingy Kings Cross studio.”

Where To Get Moving Boxes

When it comes to finding moving boxes, you have three choices: find free boxes, buy cardboard boxes, or hire plastic containers. For free moving boxes, ask your local retailer or search on Gumtree. To purchase moving boxes, most larger removalists and storage companies will have you covered. If you need reusable moving containers, a moving box rental service will also include free delivery and pickup.

Where to Get Free Moving Boxes

Let’s be honest, who pays for moving boxes? If you’re looking to save a little money and purchasing moving boxes doesn’t fit into the budget, you can try finding free moving boxes instead.

Ask Your Local Retailer

Your best bet when searching for free moving boxes is your local supermarket or retailer. Typically these establishments will receive stock weekly and will often have a surplus of cardboard boxes to give away.

It’s as simple as asking the manager or customer service staff whether they have any empty boxes. Just remember, the staff are doing you a favour, so be polite and understanding if they do say no.

We’ve always had luck with Coles, Woolies, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Normans, and even Maccas.

Here are just a few tips for box selection:

  • Avoid cardboard boxes that have stored fresh produce – They’ll likely be less sturdy from absorbing moisture.
  • Ask a manager when to visit – Inventory will be based on shipment schedules, so ask a manager when the best time to drop by is.
  • Try electronic retailers for larger boxes – Electronic retailers will have shipped appliances (fridges, ovens, etc.) for a better selection of larger cardboard boxes.
  • Uniform boxes make for better packing – Try asking for same-sized boxes as they’ll make packing for your move much easier.

Search on Gumtree

If you’re planning ahead, you can periodically check Gumtree for free used cardboard boxes. Many environmentally conscious Australians will offer their boxes immediately after their move instead of just binning them. Try searching for “cardboard boxes”, you might just get lucky.

Ask Your Moving Company

When researching moving companies, ask whether they can supply moving boxes. Competition is fierce, so most professional moving services will either offer a steep discount on moving supplies or throw them in entirely for free.

Where to Buy Moving Boxes

If you choose to go down the route of purchasing cardboard boxes, most of the larger removalists and storage companies will have you covered. Kents and Allied Pickfords, for example, all offer their own brand of cardboard moving boxes.

National Storage has a useful listing of locations if you’re searching for moving boxes Sydney in particular. You can purchase them online for a $20.00 shipping fee, or pick them up at any one of their nearby locations for free. When you’re all done, they’ll also buy back used boxes so you can recoup some of your moving costs.

Cardboard boxes are great for the environment as they can be recycled, but just remember that you’ll likely only get a few uses out of them. They’ll begin to lose their shape and form, especially when storing a large load or if they’re damaged in the moving process.

Here are a few tips when purchasing cardboard boxes:

  • Choose corrugated cardboard boxes for better durability
  • Ask your removalists for a discount on packing materials
  • Purchase in bulk for substantial discounts

Where to Hire Moving Boxes

If you’re not looking to purchase moving boxes, there’s a reliable alternative in moving box hire instead. Several moving services have popped up in the last year that allow customers to hire plastic containers for the duration of their move.

How it Works

A moving box rental company is comprised of two complementary services: the hiring out of reusable plastic moving boxes and also their delivery and collection. Here’s a simple breakdown of how the service works.

  1. Customer places order

    Based on the size of the property, a customer can order any number of packing containers, usually in increments of 30 units.

  2. The rental company delivers containers

    On a specified date, usually moving day, the rental company will deliver all the plastic packing containers.

  3. Customer packs, moves, and unpacks

    The customer can take up to 4 weeks before returning containers, even using them as storage while unpacking.

  4. The rental company collects containers

    The customer can notify the rental company to collect the containers at any point in time.

The Benefits of Moving Box Hire

Moving is stressful enough, so hiring moving boxes to reduce one more problem is more than worth it. Here are some of the significant benefits of ditching cardboard and hiring plastic instead.

Convenient Service

The entire service is hassle-free. You’ll no longer have to find or purchase cardboard boxes since they’ll already be delivered and collected.

Easy Handling

From packing to stacking, plastic moving boxes are easy to handle. With grips on both ends, uniform boxes that are stackable, and easy labelling, plastic containers will drastically simplify the moving process.

Safe and Secure

Because of overuse and exposure to the elements, cardboard boxes deteriorate over time. Plastic containers offer a safe and secure solution to protect your belongings for the entire duration of your move.

Environmentally Friendly

With everything going green these days, being able to reuse your containers is a big win for the environment.

Wrapping Up

As with most decisions, there’s no right answer. Ultimately, finding cardboard boxes for moving will be based on your own needs and preferences. You can search for free cardboard boxes, purchase them from removalists or storage companies, or even try hiring them from a box rental company. Hopefully, we’ve given you more than enough information to make the right decision.

If you’re looking for more moving advice, check out our How to Pack for a Move, article for advice on how to pack all your belongings.

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