How Much Is a Bond Clean?

Planning on moving out? We’re breaking down bond cleaning prices and helping tenants finally answer the age-old question, “How much is a bond clean”?

Published on January 26, 2020
by The Neat Team

You’ve packed your last box, moved out, and are looking to get a bond clean for your final inspection. Well, you’re definitely on the right track comparing costs for different bond cleaning services. At This is Neat, we try to be as transparent as possible with customers, from sharing our own professional bond cleaning checklist to answering questions about end of lease cleaning requirements. We want to continue this openness by breaking down bond cleaning prices and helping tenants finally answer, “How much is a bond clean”?

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Bond cleaning prices

As should be expected, there are many factors when it comes to the cost of bond cleaning. This formula covers how most bond cleaning companies charge for their services.

Property size
How big is your property?
Extras needed
Is carpet cleaning, wall washing, etc. required?
How established is the company?

Bond cleans will start with a base price for studios, apartments, or houses, and then add on additional extras that a real estate agent might request (carpet cleaning, wall washing, etc.). The unknown factor of the equation is just how established the cleaning company is. Professional companies will likely be more expensive, as you’ll be paying for the benefits of excellent customer service, reliability, and upfront quotes. Below you’ll find a bond cleaning price list outlining what you might expect to pay depending on your requirements.

How much is a bond clean?

Property size
Bond cleaning price
Studio From $335.00
1 Bedroom Apartment From $350.00
2 Bedroom Apartment From $400.00
3 Bedroom Apartment From $450.00

Choosing the right
bond cleaning company

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Get an instant bond cleaning quote

At This is Neat, we’re incredibly proud of our website’s user experience, where you can get an instant bond cleaning quote without inputting your personal information or requiring a call back from a sales agent. We’ll tell you exactly what’s included in your bond clean and how much it’ll cost.

Many cleaning companies will request for your personal information upfront before sending you an email days later with an inaccurate quote. Even worse, some companies can only provide quotes over the phone with a sales agent.

Read bond cleaning reviews

In this digital age, most customers will now read online reviews when trying out new products or services. While we wholeheartedly recommend doing this, we’ve found that review systems can often be manipulated and skewed towards the positive. Consider reading through some less than favorable reviews to see if there are patterns of last minute cancellations, bond cleaners not showing up, or extreme upselling of services on the day of the clean.

Ask for a bond cleaning checklist

Real estate agents will often provide tenants with a bond cleaning checklist, so they know precisely what cleaning will be required for their final inspection. Always ask to review a company’s end of lease cleaning checklist, so that you can ensure that the property is cleaned to the recommended standard.

Avoid hourly rate bond cleaning

If you’ve booked a domestic cleaning service before, you’ll be accustomed to paying for cleaning at an hourly rate for a specific number of hours. However, for a bond cleaning service, a quote should be much more flexible to account for any variations in property size, added extras, and peace of mind. A bond clean should take as long as need to get the job done properly.

Search for a bond back guarantee

Lastly, search for companies that provide a bond back guarantee on their work. While no companies can offer a guarantee on the actual bond refund (as this is determined by the state of the property and the real estate agent), professional cleaners will offer to come back to re-clean problem areas, free of charge.

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