How Can I Get Rid of
An Old Mattress?

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From white goods to furniture, getting rid of old junk is always a problem when tenants move out. One of the most common issues that renters continually find themselves asking is “How can I get rid of an old mattress”? While upgrading to a new mattress means disposing of an old one, setting it alight or abandoning it on the M5 isn’t an option. There are a surprising number of ways to deal with a pre-loved mattress, so here are our best tips for getting rid of that old coil spring.

Where Do I Dispose of an Old Mattress?

Find a specific mattress recycling program, return it to the manufacturer or even make some cash selling in online. Also consider hiring a skip bin, taking it to a rubbish dump or if it’s in good condition, donating it. Burning the mattress and fly-tipping are not safe or legal options.


Free Mattress Disposal

As the old saying goes, the best things in life are free. And if you’re wondering how to get rid of a mattress without paying a cent, here are some options that won’t cost a thing. In fact, you might even pocket a few dollars.

How can I get rid of an old mattress?

Recycle the Mattress

Recycling your mattress is much kinder to the environment than taking it off to the tip. Mattresses are usually a composed of a combination of wood, steel, cotton, and polyurethane foam that won’t break down well, sitting in a landfill for decades.

  1. Find a Mattress Recycling Program

    A mattress recycling program is specifically dedicated to diverting old mattresses from landfills and recovering the components to recycle. They can recycle up to 75% of a mattress including the steel springs, husk, timber, foam, and fabric.

  2. Ask When You Purchase Your New Mattress

    Ask at the retail store where you purchase your new mattress if they will handle the disposal of your old one. Some mattress retailers offer this service at no extra charge when they deliver your new mattress. Many eco-friendly manufacturers even operate their own recycling programs. Contact the manufacturer to see if they recycle pre-owned mattresses or offer them for second-hand sale.

  3. Book a Pick-up with the City of Sydney

    The city of Sydney offers pick-up of mattresses, furniture, and bulk goods three times a year. If your move isn’t in the near future and you’re able to wait, consider recycling with the city.

Donate the Mattress

  1. Donate to a Charity

    If the mattress is in excellent condition, you can get in touch with a local charity to see if the mattress meets their requirements for donation. If the charity is happy to accept the old mattress, they could have a mattress collection service, or you may need to drop it off yourself.

  2. Give the Mattress Away

    The Generous and The Grateful are a Sydney based service offering old mattress pick up for free, providing it’s in good condition. They’ll then donate it to a family in need. The City Of Sydney council also offers to collect your old mattress for free if you’re a local Sydney resident.

Sell it on Gumtree or Facebook

You can also try your luck earning some cash for your old mattress by posting it for sale on Gumtree or a Facebook buy or sell group in your local area. The mattress should be in excellent condition and appropriately prepared to improve your chance of a sale.

Paid Mattress Disposal

If you haven’t had luck with the free options, here are our a few paid options to get rid of your old mattress and box spring.

Take the Mattress to a Rubbish Tip

Google the details of your local rubbish dump and drop the mattress off for landfill. Each site charges a fee to dump items so call ahead to confirm the fee amount and opening hours.

Hire a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin is a smart way to get rid of your mattress and any other items you want to toss before the move. Ensure you ask the company if they do take mattresses and accept mixed loads before making a booking.

Book a Rubbish Removal Service

If you don’t want to do the work of loading up the skip bin yourself, book a rubbish removal service to come and take the mattress away. Ask about their mattress disposal methods; some will donate to charity or recycle the mattress where possible.

Many customers are surprised to find out that we offer rubbish removal services for just for one-off items such as fridges, couches, and mattresses. Mattresses in particular, are one those things that people just don’t know what to do with. A professional service will not only pick up the mattress, but will also dispose of it responsibly on your behalf, saving you time and money.Adam D’Angelo – Sydney City Rubbish

How Not to Dispose of an Old Mattress

It’s essential for the environment, your health, and your wallet to dispose of old mattresses responsibly. Here’s how not to get rid of an old mattress.

Never Dump the Mattress Illegally

Dumping the mattress out on the curb or vacant land is not a viable option. If the idea of destroying the environment isn’t a concern, fines in Sydney range from $500 to $2200 for an illegally dumped mattress.

Never Burn the Mattress

It may surprise you to know, but many mattresses are filled with toxic materials and are not environmentally friendly when burnt. The foam, synthetic latex, flame retardants and vinyl release damaging emissions into the atmosphere when set alight. For anyone nearby breathing in the fumes, they can also irritate the eye, throat, nose, cause headaches, nausea, and loss of coordination.



We hope this article has helped you answer the question of where to get rid of an old mattress. If you’re currently moving, checkout out our other Q & A articles on where you can find moving boxes or how to pack for a move.

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